What Fashion stands for.

Half check jacket, full smile.

I met Mr. Quin Lewis on his way out of a fashion show during the Menswear Fashion Week in Paris and it was like having a miraculous revelation about the meaning of fashion - even before he told me his story.

And that’s one of the things Fashion can do. It tells the story. It gives you confidence. It presents you and opens you to others, to make a statement or just for the fun. It makes you feel good-looking, or it just makes you feel good. 

Mr. Quin Lewis was badly hit by a bus 12 years ago. He spent a month struggling in the hospital and when he finally could go home after some intense pain that I can barely imagine, he had a prosthetic leg and was grateful to be alive. When I saw him on the street, he was standing out, like the shiniest sun among the stars. Mr. Quin Lewis doesn’t work in fashion, but his whole self shows his authentic love for fashion. 

The truly unbelievable thing was this: in 12 years, it was his very first time wearing shorts in public. I could not have imagined anything best than this Thom Browne suit to do it.

Healing, confidence, success -you name it- it takes years to be achieved overnight. 

It often takes your passion to be the click. 

This was a special day, and it felt good to witness it. 

Thank you for being inspiring. Thank you for giving a meaning to fashion.

Clothes are to cover your body, fashion is to reveal who you are.

Words and photos by me. Contact me here if you need a photographer.

Quin Lewis on Instagram: @Fashion_Powr

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